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Near the beginning of my career, I was a corporate sales professional in the commercial truck division for Ryder Truck. I thought I had my goals meticulously planned out. I knew how many calls I needed to get me to the number of monthly appointments I needed. Once I had my appointments set, I knew how many sales I needed to close to make quota. I took those numbers and spread them over the year and thought that would be good enough. What I learned was that what I had provided myself was a high level view of my quota.

At the time It seemed that I had all my goals in place. I knew how much money I wanted to make but I realized I did not why I wanted to make it. In other words what really motivated me? We know that money is not a primary motivator, and yet somehow a financial goal seems to be the only motivator we use to get to quota.

We have all known someone who has said “If I could only make a little more money”. Then they make another sale and get a bigger commission check only to find that they are still unhappy. Why? Because money is not a primary motivator. Sadly, traditional goal setting in sales always revolves around making money but not why you want to make it. The other problem is that people set big goals or stretch goals. These types of goals can be extremely counterproductive.

Let's take a look at a common example. At the beginning of the year, you know someone who sets a goal for to go to the gym and exercise more and to lose weight. They join a gym and go on a diet. Facts show that 50% of all gym memberships that start in January are canceled by the end of January. 70% of yoga memberships that start in January are canceled by the end of February.

While your goals don't need to be realistic to anyone but you, they must be structured so that they are achievable. Unrealistic does not mean unachievable. It is all about having the right motivation and the right tools in place to get you where you want to be.

Providing those tools is what the IGNITE F.U.E.L systems is all about.

Falling short of goal achievement is not an uncommon problem and occurs when you do not fully understand the power of goal setting and how it works.

One of the most important lessons I had to learn with setting set my goals is the difference between behavior goals and outcome goals.

Behavior goals are the small action steps we take on a consistent basis to achieve our larger outcome goal.

If you are ready to change the way you set your goals. and goal set for success,

then get ready to IGNITE your goals by laying the foundation for the powerful F.U.E.L. goal setting initiative.

F.U.E.L. is a step-by-step goal setting process that will not only change the way you think but will enable you to unlock your ability to set and achieve long term growth, prosperity and repeatable success.

F in Fuel

Finding your Passion and Commitment.

Why are you doing what you do? What is driving you to achieve success beyond making money?

Is it to send your kids to college debt free. Get that vacation home your family has always wanted? Buy a new boat? Whatever it is, you need to use it to drive your commitment to success.

I want to pay off my bills and be 100% debt free. Paying off my bills will allow me to travel more. I am passionate about two things. My love for my family and making more money to do the things for them is what drives my passion. Money is my secondary motivator and a byproduct of my true passion which is providing for my family, and this passion is what solidifies my commitment to my goals of excelling in my business.

Understanding the F in your F.U.E.L will help you focus to work harder and put you in a winning position to:

  • Become a Peak Performer.

  • Dominate your competition.

  • Launch a winning system that will leave your competitors in the dust...

U in Fuel

Understanding your Strengths and Weaknesses.

As a high-performance sales professional, understanding your strengths and weaknesses will position you to focus on what you are best at while allowing you to attack and strengthen your weakness leading to goal setting success and positive action. You must focus on what you do best! You can't do that until you know what you are truly good at. You must also know what self development is necessary to further excel your success.

Take the time to identify what you do best. “My strength is….” Next be totally honest with yourself and say “My weakness is…. “By knowing your strengths and weaknesses you can structure your day so that you can use less energized parts of your day to complete the tasks that you are weak at while using my high energy times to focus on the things you do best.


  • Enacting a system for repeatable success.

  • Enacting a system for repeatable Success is about understanding the difference between behavior goals and outcome goals. It means setting behavior goals that lead to wins and add up to achieving success with your outcome goals. When you can achieve repeatable success, you will be paving the way to a foundation of accountability and improvement.


Laying the Foundation for Accountability.

Laying the foundation for accountability to your goals means tracking your progress and success with your behavior goals and gaining clarity when tracking your FUEL to maximize your achievement.

F.U.E.L. provides the platform to discover the difference between your passion for your goals and reinforcing your commitment. Your true motivation. It allows you to unlock your strengths and weaknesses, while learning how to build a system for repeatable success to get laser focused on your goal achievement.

It provides the tools to master the techniques needed to lay the foundation for holding yourself accountable and making the adjustments necessary for continued growth and success. Your success as a sales professional will be directly tied to your productivity and commitment to engage in activities that create repeatable success. These are the first but not the last steps in the goals setting process. F.U.E.L is your pre goal setting road map for in-depth goal setting and success.

· Finding your Passion and Commitment-your true motivation

· Understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Leverage your strengths and improve your weaknesses to smash your goals, become and peak performer and dominate your competition.

· Enacting a system for repeatable success by establishing behavior goals.

· Laying the foundation for accountability.

What is your F.U.E.L. I want to know!

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