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Helping Sales professionals reach new heights by inspiring a winning mindset that leads to extraordinary results

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Leading Motivational Speaker and Coach

Consistently described as authentic and knowledgeable,  Ken has continually inspired sales individuals and teams to success.  Starting his first company when he was just 18 years old and quickly becoming a success, Ken launched his second company 5 years later.  That  company, Auto Network Services, pioneered the computer subscription sales industry creating a new way to connect car dealerships with buyers.  Along the way Ken began to recognize that outstanding sales people shared similar habits for repeatable success.  Ken understands that high performance sales professionals must have the right system in place in order to succeed and that lead him to develop the IGNITE sales process, a system that helps sales professionals reach their highest potential.   Let Ken provide your sales professionals with the coaching and a  battle tested sales systems  needed for high performers to achieve and exceed their goals.  

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